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Adding Silence or Fade-In/Out to Boundaries

As well as altering the position of Track Boundaries, Wave Corrector also enables you to specify a fade-in or fade-out period for each track. And you can add a period of silence to the start or end of a track.

The fade and silence parameters for a particular boundary are indicated in the Track Boundary view at the top of the window. The yellow bar indicates the volume setting; the triangular portion of the yellow bar represents the fade period. The silence period is indicated by the hatched red bar.

Both of these bars can be adjusted by dragging with the mouse. Click the 'Apply' button to confirm your adjustments.

You can see the fade and silence settings for all your tracks with the Tracks - Properties command. The parameters can be individually edited if required.

You can audition your changes by using the 'Audition Track Boundary' toolbar button. See the Audition Track Boundary command for a description of this process.