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Setting the Auto-Scan Options

Wave Corrector automatically scans the source file when it is first loaded or immediately after it is recorded if you select the 'Scan' option.

Note, if you find the results are not satisfactory, you can re-scan for clicks or tracks, correct the volume, or apply a range of digital filters via the Waveform menu. However, the bulk of the work is done for you automatically by Wave Corrector.

Auto-scan is performed according to a range of options that are available to the user. The options available are summarised below:

Source Type
The source type of 'Vinyl' or 'Tape' can be selected. 'Vinyl' enables click detection and correction; 'tape' enables the hiss filter.

Note, if you wish to apply both click correction and the hiss filter, you should select 'vinyl', and after the file has been auto-scanned, manually apply the hiss filter via the Waveform menu (or use the toolbar button). .

Click Threshold
This setting determines the sensitivity of the click detector. The click threshold can be set between 0 and 5 where '0' is 'Off' ie no clicks will be detected. The default value is 3.

Hiss Filter 
This setting determines the amount of hiss reduction applied by the hiss filter. Four settings are available between 0dB(off) and 20dB. The default value is 8dB.

Enable Track Splitting
This option causes the program to place markers at the start and end of each track it detects.

Gapless Track Boundaries
This setting is provided to enable the production of 'Disc-At-Once' recordings on your CDr. 

In gapless mode, the end of a track is always made exactly adjacent to the start of the next track. It is also positioned on a 588-sample boundary. This enables the CDr burner to produce a seamless track change with no gap between tracks. You can only do this if your burning software supports Disc-At-Once'.

In normal (non-gapless) mode, you can cut out unwanted gaps between tracks. Remember that the CDr burner will normally insert its own 2-second silence between tracks.