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The Graphic Equaliser

As well as its regular filters, Wave Corrector also provides a more versatile graphic equaliser/filter. This allows more advanced users to define their own filter to cope with special situations.

The frequency response of the graphic filter is defined by 256 equally spaced points on a frequency axis spanning 0 to 22kHz. Each of these points can be individually set by the user.

The most common uses for this filter will be to equalise the frequency response of an old recording; and/or to notch out single frequency tone interference. An example of the latter is the 19kHz pilot tone in FM broadcasts. The graphic filter allows you to set up at deep notch at this single frequency while passing all other frequencies unaltered. 

Example Notch Filter Centred on 8kHz

The filter is very easy to adjust. You can add or move points with the left mouse button and remove them with the right mouse button. In this way you can quickly create a filter of your choice.