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What are Click Corrections

When Wave Corrector detects a click, it removes it from the waveform and substitutes a replacement waveform. In Wave Corrector, this replacement waveform is called a 'Click Correction'.

Each Click Correction has a unique timestamp and is recorded in the Correction List at the right-hand side of the program window. A light yellow band at the centre of the main display indicates the width of the selected correction. Click Corrections can be auditioned and adjusted via the user interface. 

To select a Click Correction for audition or adjustment use one of the following methods:
1. Click over the required correction in the Correction List.
2. Click over the required correction in the Overview Window.
3. If a non-selected correction is visible in the main window, double clicking over it will cause it to be selected.

You can also step through the correction list with the Cursor Up/Down arrow keys.

Once a correction has been selected, it appears at the centre of the main window.

Depending on the width of the correction and the amplitude of the waveform, you may need to alter the horizontal or vertical scale using the Control Bar controls to optimise your view. You can also use the cursor keys on the numeric keypad to set the horizontal and vertical scale.

As well as zooming in to reveal the detail of a particular correction, you can also zoom out to view as much of the surrounding wave as you require. This enables you to view and audition other clicks in the vicinity of the selected correction.