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Adjust/Insert Command   (Corrections Menu)

Use this command to adjust the placement and width of a correction. The command is also used to manually insert a new correction.

If an existing correction is selected when you  invoke this command, then that correction will be adjusted. Otherwise, the command creates a new user correction and inserts it at the current location. Once you have confirmed the new correction it will appear in blue in the correction list and will be annotated 'User'

Note this command is automatically invoked when you drag with the mouse over the edge of a correction. Alternatively, it can be manually invoked via the menu or by clicking the toolbar button.

When the command is invoked, the 'Adjust Mode' dialogue appears and the main window background colour changes to mid-blue.

To adjust the placement and/or width of the correction you can use the cursor keys or the mouse.
You can pick up and drag the edge of the correction with the mouse. This widens or narrows it and affects the sound quality of the correction. The cursor Up/Down keys can be used as an alternative to the mouse.

The placement of the correction can be moved with the cursor Left/Right keys.
  • The cursor keys on their own move the correction 1 sample at a time.
  • In conjunction with the Shift Key, they move it one division at a time.
  • In conjunction with the Ctrl Key, they move it half a screen at a time.

    Alternatively, you can hold down the shift key and click with the left mouse button over the required new position.

    During adjust mode, you can audition your changes in order to hear their effect by using the auditioning commands.

    When you are satisfied with the changes, click 'Apply' in the confirmation dialogue box to make them permanent.

    To cancel your changes, click 'Abort'.


    Toolbar: Insert/Adjust
    Key: Insert