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Audition Commands   (Corrections Menu)

Use the Audition Correction commands to hear a click before and after correction has been applied. Use the 'Audition Original' or 'Audition Corrected' option as required. 

The duration of the played back correction is dependent on the selected horizontal scale of the main window. If the window is displaying more than 2 seconds of waveform, then the playback will start and end at the window boundaries. If, on the other hand, the window is displaying less than 2 seconds the playback if forced to a 2-second period centred on the correction event.

During playback, the second status bar pane from the left indicates whether the original or corrected version is being played. You can instantly switch between versions by clicking over this pane with the mouse.

Note, if a block is selected, these commands audition the 'cut and splice' feature. Audition Original plays the section without cutting the block; Audition Corrected plays the section with the block cut.


Toolbar: : Audition Original
Toolbar: : Audition Corrected
Key: Numeric Keypad '1': Audition Original
Key: Numeric Keypad '3' Audition Corrected

or: click the right mouse button in the main window and select the required option.