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Control Bar

The Control bar to the left of the main window provides the following controls for scaling and adjusting the image of the waveform:

'Wave' and 'Track' buttons for selecting the view mode for the main window.

Vertical Scale in mV per Division; ranges: 20 to 1000 in1-2-5 steps.

A check box to auto-scale the vertical display 

Horizontal Scale (Waveform View) in Samples/Secs/Mins  per Division; ranges: 5 samples to 5 minutes in 1-2-5 steps. 

Horizontal Scale (Track Boundary View) in Seconds per Division; ranges: 0.1 to 10 in 1-2-5 steps.

Trace Separation in Divisions; ranges: 0 to 8.

Left and Right Channel On/Off buttons labelled 'L' and 'R'.

A window showing the centre position of the main display in mins.secs.msecs from the start of the track or file.

A slider to slow down  playback. This is to aid the identification of clicks.

Shortcuts Keys:
Num. Keypad '2' (Down Arrow): Vertical Zoom In
Num. Keypad '8' (Up Arrow): Vertical Zoom Out 
Num. Keypad '6' (Right Arrow): Horizontal Zoom In
Num. Keypad '4' (Left Arrow): Horizontal Zoom Out

Other Shortcuts:
use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom the main window display.
hold down the shift key for vertical scroll.