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Correction List Window

The window to the right of the main window lists the click corrections determined during the scan operation together with various additional markers.

The list can be customised to show only corrections greater than a given magnitude. 

The list shows the timestamp of the correction together with the magnitude of the underlying click as determined by Wave Corrector. If a track has been selected, the timestamp shows the time measured from the start of the track; otherwise it shows the time from the start of the wave file.

The currently selected correction is indicated by the blue arrow.

The corrections are colour coded according to the expected click magnitude. The colour code is as follows:
High Magnitude Red
Medium Magnitude Yellow
Low Magnitude Green
User Entered Lt Blue
Cut Section Dk Blue
Marker White
Track Boundary Grey

Shortcuts from this window
You can select a correction or track boundary for viewing or auditioning by clicking over it with the left mouse button.

You can step between listed corrections using the Up/Down cursor keys. To step between all corrections (including unlisted ones), use Shift-Up/Down.

You can select a block of corrections as follows: select the first correction in the block; then hold down the shift key and select the last correction in the block. The entire block will be selected.