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Overview Window

The overview window at the bottom of the screen displays a time versus amplitude histogram of the currently selected track; or, if no track is selected, it displays a histogram of the entire wave file.

When the entire wave file is displayed (as above), alternate tracks are shown in contrasting colours.

When the view in the main window is sufficiently wide, a horizontal white bar is displayed at the top of the overview window to indicate the section being displayed in the Main Window.

Individual corrections are indicated by colour coded markers at the bottom of the window. The colours correspond to the colours in the correction list window.

Optionally (via the View menu), you can also display a correction signature in this window. The correction signature indicates the rate at which Wave Corrector is making corrections. This helps you identify areas where manual editing may be required. See under 'False Positives' in Understanding Click Concealment for more advice on using the correction signature.

Except during playback, a vertical cursor indicates the position of the currently selected item. During playback, the cursor is synchronised with the audio. 

As you move the mouse over this window, the rightmost pane of the status bar indicates the position of the mouse pointer in minutes, seconds and milliseconds.
Spectral Methods for Finding Clicks

This window can also used to display the frequency spectrum of the waveform in the main window. See the section Spectral Methods for Finding Clicks for more information on this topic.

Shortcuts from this window
You can re-centre the main window display by single clicking over the required new centre position.  If there is a correction near where you clicked, that correction will be selected.

You can click over the Track Indicator in the top right-hand corner of the window to switch between 'All Tracks' and single track display. 

You can play the track(s) shown in the window by clicking the right mouse button and selecting the 'play' command from the context menu.

During Track playback, you can move immediately to a new position by clicking over the new position.