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The Main Window - Track View


This window displays a magnified section of the file in the form of a histogram representing the audio amplitude. The track colours correspond to the track colours in overview window at the bottom of the display.

When a track boundary is selected, a vertical white line denotes the position of the boundary. A vertical black band indicates the gap between the end of one track and the beginning of the next. At the top of the display, a horizontal bar indicates the track fade-in or fade-out settings together with a pre- or post-track silence period. The triangular part of the yellow bar denotes the fade period; the hatched red bar denotes the silence period. 

Note: If Track Boundaries are 'gapless' (See Options Dialogue), there is no inter-track gap and the track boundary is indicated by a thick black vertical line. Also, in this mode, track fade and silence settings will be ignored except for those at the start of the first track and at the end of the last track.   

Actions available from this window
You can immediately enter 'track boundary adjust' mode by holding down the left mouse button over the track edge (the white vertical line) and dragging to the required new position. Similarly, you can adjust the fade and silence settings by dragging their respective markers with the mouse.