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Correcting the Volume

Wave Corrector provides tools for correcting both the overall volume and also the relative volume of the left and right channels (channel balance).

To correct the overall volume, use the Waveform - Normalise command. This command searches for the maximum sample value in your file and displays this value relative to the maximum possible value. The value is expressed in decibels.

Use the slider control to select the new volume level you require. If you want the maximum possible volume, set the slider to '0dB'. The default setting is '-1dB' which corresponds to the volume of typical commercially produced CD's.

If you want to see or audition the section of the file where the maximum sample occurs, use the Waveform - Goto Max command. This centres the display on the maximum sample but does not invoke the normalise dialogue.

Note, it is quite usual for some tracks of an LP to be louder than others. Using the Normalise command, preserves these differences while raising (or lowering) the overall volume. If you want to normalise tracks individually, you can do so by using the Normalise option in the Save Window

You can adjust the left - right channel balance using the Waveform - Channel Balance command. The command shows the average imbalance between the channels as a decibel value. If you choose auto-balance, a correction is applied to bring the average channel amplitude  into balance. Alternatively, you can manually select a re-balancing value to apply using the slider.  

You should be aware that some stereo recordings are deliberately unbalanced. Therefore, you should use the auto-balance option with caution.