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File Naming

Wave Corrector provides a very versatile mechanism for naming your output files. File names are generated using a File Naming Rule that you either specify explicitly or select from a drop down list. The file naming rule consists of free text and tokens. The tokens are replaced by tags that you have entered using the Track Properties command. 

The following tokens are used for rule generation:

Whenever a token is encountered in a file naming rule, it is replaced by the corresponding tag from the track's properties.  

An example will illustrate the application of a file naming rule. Suppose you have a track with the following properties:

Input File: LK4574a.wav
Genre: Popular
Album Title: Magnificent Pianos 
Track Title: Love Letters 
Track Artist: Ronnie Aldrich 
Track Number:  4 

The following table shows the output names generated by various naming rules.

File Naming Rule  Output File Name
INPUTcor#  LK4574acor04 
ALBUM#  Magnificent Pianos04 
ALBUM\# - TITLE  Magnificent Pianos\04 - Love Letters 
GENRE\ALBUM\# - TITLE Popular\Magnificent Pianos\04 - Love Letters

Note, you can include a nest of subfolders in a rule by including backslash ('\') characters. If a folder doesn't exist, it will be created.