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File Tagging in Wave Corrector

File tagging is the name given to the process of adding text fields to audio files. The fields typically contain information such as the title, artist, genre etc. Tags are used principally by audio library programs to sort and catalogue the items in the library.

Because Wave Corrector usually works with album files consisting of several tracks, it provides the option to apply 'tags' to the individual tracks of a file being processed. These tags can be saved in the output files produced by the program and can also be used to generate output file names using a customisable rule. 

File tags cannot be saved in .wav files. This is because there is no standardised way to do this and file tags on wave files are misinterpreted by many external programs.

The following tags are supported by Wave Corrector:
1. Track Title
2. Track Artist
3. Track Number
4. Album Title
5. Genre