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Using an External Encoder

The use of external command line encoders expands the flexibility of Wave Corrector beyond its built-in ogg and ape encoders. External encoders allow you to save in the commonly used FLAC and MP3 formats, and several other encoders can also be used if desired.

Encoders can be downloaded from various sites on the Internet. Download links for all the supported encoders can be found at Encoder Download Links

Encoders that the program recognises are displayed in the Encoder setup window. See External Encoder Setup.

Each time you start Wave Corrector, it automatically scans for encoders, searching the path specified at the top of the setup window. 

To add an encoder, place it in somewhere in the auto-scan path. Alternatively, you can use the Add button in the setup window to add an encoder in any arbitrary location. Wave Corrector automatically sets a default command line and file extension. 

The following list shows the automatically recognised encoders  and their associated command lines:

LAME (mp3) "--vbr-new -V2 --ta %A --tt %T --tl %L --tg %G --tn %N --add-id3v2 %IN %OUT"
warning: versions of LAME prior to v3.98b4 will crash if you use a non-standard genre. If this happens, remove the "--tg %G" element from the command line 

FASTENCC (mp3) "%IN %OUT -br 160000"

WM8EUTIL (wma) "-input %IN -output %OUT -a_setting 160_44_2"

WMCmd.vbs (wma) "-input %IN -output %OUT -a_setting Q100_96_2_24"
note: this Visual Basic script is included in the Microsoft wma9 package

FAAC (mp4) "-b 160 --artist %A --title %T --album %L --genre %G --track %N  -o %OUT %IN"

NERO AAC (mp4) "-q 0.5 -if %IN -of %OUT"

WAVPACK (wv) "-h %IN %OUT"
note: this command line is for lossless encoding. See Wavpack documentation for lossy encoding. 

OGGENC2 (ogg) "-q 7 -o %OUT -t %T -l %L -a %A -G %G -N %N %IN"

MPPENC (mpc)  "--standard --overwrite --artist %A --title %T --album %L --genre %G --track %N %IN %OUT"


SSRC (wav) "--rate 44100 --bits 16 %IN %OUT"
note: SSRC is not strictly an encoder; it is a high quality sample rate converter that you can use via the external encoder interface.

SSRC_hp (wav) "--rate 44100 --bits 16 %IN %OUT"
note: a high resolution build of the SSRC sample rate converter.

See Command Line Help for an explanation of the command line parameters.

When you use an external encoder in Wave Corrector, you specify which encoder to use from a drop down list in the Save window (also in the Batch window).