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Recording Tips

Recording Levels
To obtain the maximum benefit from Wave Corrector, recording levels should be as high as possible whilst ensuring that the signal does not distort. Some sound cards are unable to utilise the full 16-bit dynamic range of the system and start to clip before the maximum signal level is reached. For this reason it is sensible to make some test recordings before committing your recordings to CDr. 

If you find there is audible distortion from your sound card when recording at maximum level, you should back off the recording level until the distortion reduces to an acceptable level. If the overall amplitude is now too low, you can use Wave Corrector's 'Normalise' function to correct the level before burning your CDr.

Left-Right Channel Reversal Problems
You should be aware that some CDr burning software does not correctly allocate  the left and right channels to the CDr. This seems to be because the wave file format allows different size header blocks but that the CDr burning software does not take  account of this when identifying the first sample to burn. Therefore, depending upon which wave recording program you use, the resulting CDr may or may not have the channels reversed. For example, using Adaptec Easy CD Creator 3.5b, the channels are reversed if you use Goldwave to make your original recording; but are correct if you use Wave Studio. 

This is another reason to carry out test recordings before committing your record collection to CD! If you find that the CD channels are reversed, then the simplest way overcome the problem is to reverse the left/right leads between your record player deck and your sound card. This will, in effect, give you a double reversal that will solve the problem. Remember however to re-perform the check whenever you change either your CDr burning software or your wave file recording software.

To ensure that it does not compound this problem, Wave Corrector strictly maintains the header block size of all its output files to be the same as the header block size of the corresponding input file. This means that once you have performed the above check, you can use Wave Corrector without worrying about its effect on channel reversal.