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Recording Wave Files 

Wave Corrector provides the facility to record your own wave files direct from the Line-In port of your soundcard. 

Wave files are recorded in 16 or 24 bit stereo at a sample rate of 44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96kHz. If you are going to burn CDr's use a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz or 88.2 kHz. The the default sampling rate is 44.1kHz. 

To start recording, select the File - Record New Wave File command. If a wave file is already being processed, you will be asked whether to save or discard the outstanding corrections. You will be prompted to supply a file name for your new recording and then the Record New File Dialogue will appear.

The 'Record New File' dialogue provides level monitoring and recorder controls with record timer and start/stop on signal options.   

Wave Corrector uses the Windows 'Volume Control' applet to select the recording source and to set the recording level. To launch the applet click on the 'Set Volume' button in the Record Dialogue. Check the recording source you wish to use (usually 'line in'; and adjust the recording level using the associated slider.

When setting the recording level you should take account of the performance of your sound card. See Recording Tips for more advice on this subject.

Once your file has been recorded, you can immediately scan it into Wave Corrector using the 'Scan Now' button in the Record Dialogue.

Important: If you are recording a tape or cassette and intend to use the Hiss Filter, please ensure that you include a short lead-in or lead-out period. Wave Corrector produces a 'noise profile' by analysing the noise in the lead-in or lead-out period.