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Batch Processing Wave Files

Sometimes, if you have a number of files to process, it is more convenient to process them all together as a batch job. With batch processing, you give the program a list of files to process and a sequence of tasks to be performed on each file. Then, the program will work its way through the list without any further intervention by the user.

To set up a batch job, select the File - Batch Open command.

Any combination of the following tasks can be included in a batch job
  • Click removal
  • Digital filtering
  • Normalising
  • Channel balancing
  • Trimming silence
  • Re-sampling
  • Converting format

    You cannot do track splitting as part of a batch job as the process is designed to work with single 'song' files. However, it is possible to trim the silence from the start and end of each file. 
    Note, batch processing is also useful even if you are only working with a single file. In this case, you can use Batch Open to open the single file and you can leave the program to perform the sequence you require.