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Correcting Very Severe Clicks and Plops

If a click is very severe, it may not be possible to remove it completely using the standard Wave Corrector procedure. This is because too much of the original waveform may be obliterated for the program to be able to reconstruct the waveform. In this case, the click can be removed effectively using the Cut & Splice command.

Cut & Splice removes the entire click from the waveform and cross-fades between the sections immediately before and after the cut. 

To use the command, centre the screen on the click to be removed and select 'Cut & Splice' from the Corrections menu or use its toolbar button. Use the Cut & Splice audition buttons to preview the effect of the operation. By adjusting the size and position of the block you should be able to make the click inaudible.

It may also be necessary to alter the length of the cross-fade (Splice Length). A short cross-fade is more likely to be audible but will have minimal effect on the tempo of the music. A long cross-fade will produce a very smooth transition but a larger section of the music is removed (100 msec). This can have a noticeable effect on the tempo and should therefore be used sparingly.