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Inserting Cue Markers

Cue Markers are placeholders that you can add to the Correction List. They are useful for marking a particular point in the waveform to return to later. 

Cue Markers can be used to mark a point where you hear a residual click when playing back the corrected wave.  They can also be used, for example, to mark a point where you wish to insert a track marker. 

To insert a Cue Marker, use the Insert Cue command on the Corrections menu. Alternatively use the TAB key shortcut. The marker will appear in the Correction List highlighted in white.

You can also insert cue markers during playback mode. During playback, press the TAB key at any time to generate a new Cue Marker.  You can freely insert markers in this way until you cancel playback. 

Note that during playback, you can jump back or forward (for example to repeat a section) by clicking over the point you want to jump to in the overview or the main window. If you just want to jump back a few seconds, you can use the Backspace or Enter key  shortcuts. 

Cue Markers are converted to ordinary user corrections when you use the Adjust/Insert command. They are converted to Track Boundary markers when you use the Split Track command.