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What's New

The following features are new in Version 3.7
  • Support for FLAC format files is now built in.
  • The program now processes all non-standard tags found in FLAC input files. 
  • Re-sampling is now supported using algorithms by Naoki Shibata (ssrc).
  • Multitrack files can now be normalised on a per track basis.
  • Program settings can now be saved to file.
  • Batch settings and Save settings can now be optionally saved between sessions.
  • The program now handles multiple session files with different names.
  • The scale in the main window can now optionally show track timings
  • The trial version of the program now gives full functionality for 30 days.
  • Bug fixes: Session files now include track fade settings
  • Hiss filter now works correctly with 44.1kHz/24bit and 48kHz/24bit files
  • Various other minor bug fixes.

    See the Version History for details of earlier changes.