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What Is Wave Corrector PE

Wave Corrector PE is the Professional Edition of Wave Corrector.

Wave Corrector is a true WYSIWYG waveform corrector that automatically removes clicks, ticks and plops from recordings of vinyl records before transfer to CD-R. It also removes hiss and corrects other audio impairments from both vinyl and tape/cassette recordings.

Unlike conventional wave editors, Wave Corrector presents the user with a graphical display of the corrected and uncorrected waveforms overlaid on each other to allow easy visual comparison. In this way, the efficacy of individual click corrections can be assessed and adjusted if necessary. Corrections can be modified or deleted and new corrections can be cued or inserted. Thus, the user has complete control over the correction process.

Wave Corrector also automatically finds track boundaries and assembles separate wave files representing each of the tracks of a multi-track source.

Wave Corrector includes the following key features:
  • An intuitive user interface which allows easy before and after auditioning of individual click corrections. 
  • artefacts produced by the correction process to be as small as possible.
  • A minimal number of user settings.
  • The capability to adjust and optimise individual corrections.
  • The inclusion of a range of digital filters to correct continuous noise and amplitude/frequency distortion.
  • The capability to correct the audio volume of recordings.
  • The capability to automatically split a wave file into separate tracks.
  • Tagging and audio library support.