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Wave Corrector Operations

This section provides an overview of the operation of Wave Corrector.

Wave Corrector is designed to automatically process both vinyl and tape/cassette source material and to correct the usual impairments found with these recording media. Standard processing takes place while the file is loaded into the computer.

In the case of vinyl, the wave file is automatically scanned for clicks, ticks and plops and corrections are generated for each aberration detected.

In the case of tape/cassette on the other hand, a digital hiss filter is applied to the wave file to remove tape noise.

Both click correction and hiss removal are configurable by the user and can be completely disabled if required.

Click corrections are displayed in the Correction List at the right hand side of the main window. As you step through the correction list, each correction is displayed in the main window overlaid on the uncorrected wave. By selecting the 'Audition' command, you can immediately hear the before and after effect of the individual correction. If a click is still audible after correction, it is possible to manually adjust the correction parameters for the individual click to better match the underlying waveform. During adjustment, you can audition you modifications to assess their effectiveness.

For both vinyl and tape/cassette recordings, files are scanned for track boundaries and a provisional list of tracks is generated for later editing. Track boundaries are detected by searching for periods of inter-track silence. Track boundaries can easily be moved and tracks can be customised by splitting or merging.