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Bernard Lazareff
Feb 2022
Excellent! Recently started anew to digitize vinyls. Compared with other software that I could test (including well-regarded Izotope RX Elements).
Wave Corrector is FAST, like 10s versus 2min20s for one side of a vinyl. And can (with proper settings) achieve simultaneously a lower rate of false positives when analyzing a CD, and a subjectively perfect healing of clicks from a severe scratch on a vinyl.
Congrats!! And thank you for making it free.

The only slight reservations/suggestions concern the Filter section. Rumble should IMO give choices of cutoff (20, 30, 40 Hz) and slope (12, 18, 24 dB/octave). And the parametric filter should have a logarithmic frequency axis.

Les Newberry
Aug 2017
Absolutely amazing! I have tried other software but nothing compares to this. So easy to use and the results are incredible. Thank you!

Russ Senkovich
Dec 2014
I bought this software somewhere around the turn of the millennium and have used it often ever since. It is without a doubt some of the best money I have ever spent. I just want to say thank you, again!

Frank Salem
Nov 2014
I purchased Wave Corrector 11 years ago and converted about 2000 LPs to CD. I am still amazed by its ease of use and quality of performance. I have converted LPs that are 50 years old and now are of CD quality. It was the best $45 I ever spent.
Tim Spellman
Aug 2014
I bought my original copy of Wave Corrector when my 16-year-old son was a little boy. He has my love of music, and has turned me on to artists I never would have encountered.

This morning he told me of a classical piece he discovered that he wants to break into movements. Wave Corrector to the rescue, and another generation of Spellmans learns how to use your fine product. Thanks again for Wave Corrector.

David Brown
Apr 2014
Your product is bloody great.
I've just copied an LP, declicked, split into tracks, then used the batch processing to superscan and normalise.
It's so easy AND EFFECTIVE
I bought it years ago and I'm always impressed

Ron Sellers
Jun 2013
I have no idea how your program works but it works great on both vinyl records and books on tape.

Thanks for such good software!

Dan T. Orrett
Mar 2011
I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you for creating such wonder audio recording software! I originally purchased this software from your firm in February of 2001 and have enjoyed many years of transferring vinyl and tapes to mp3 in my spare time.

Glen Rodgers
Jan 2010
I paid to license the Wave Corrector software years ago when I was using it regularly on Windows 98SE. I've been eligible to receive free updates since that time which has been great.

I haven't had the need to use Wave Corrector in a while but I downloaded the current version to use on Windows 7 and registered without a hitch. I just wanted to tell you that I'm even more impressed today than back then at how wonderfully this software works. I'm using the Pro version with professional audio hardware these days so I can really hear how the original material is left as it should be although most all the clicks and pops are cleanly removed.
There may be more expensive software that claims to do the same thing but I would have difficulty believing it would do any better job than Wave Corrector.

Les Nagy
Jan 2010
What can I say. I have been using Waver Corrector for years now. It is still my preferred program for capturing vinyl. It just plain works and seems to never have any bugs for me. I am currently on Windows 7 and still working fine. Good quality recordings, good noise and click reduction, and very little impact on sound quality, if any, when used properly.

Scott Erickson
Dec 2009
I have been using Wave Corrector for Some years now, and ALL I CAN SAY IS -WOW- WOW WOW ! Each Version is GREAT,and I have no problem using it.
ALL my recordings come out FANTASTIC, after the FIRST pass.....Turns My records into CLICK free Recordings, EVERY time. GREAT JOB!

Harry Byrne
Jul 2009
As you know there are many LP click eliminator software items out there but your Wave Corrector still after many years remains my instrument of choice for this task. Many thanks.

Kile Baker
Jul 2009
I think Wave Corrector is astoundingly good, easy to use, and yet capable of doing very precise corrections when it's necessary.

Mike McCulley
Oct 2007
I had over 200 Vinyl LP's that I wanted to convert over to digital. Until I bought Wave Corrector, I never attempted the project since it would be so time consuming. I would have to utilize at least 3 different programs to accomplish the task. With Wave Corrector I was able to do it all in 1 program. I was able to convert my complete library in less than 3 months, on the weekends. Excellent quality that I thought I would never achieve, as many of the LP's were in poor condition.
Thanks Wave Corrector!

Kevin Anetsberger
Jan 2006
I just had to drop you a quick note to tel you what a fantastic job your software does on removing pops and clicks from lp transfers. I have several software packages for doing this in addition to yours and none of them correct nearly as many as Wave Corrector does. Please keep up the great work.

Phil Buonpastore
Nov 2004
Just a note to let you know that I have rarely found a program that works so well for what it was intended to do, and did not dissapoint me in some way after purchasing it. I really think Wave Corrector is an excellent program, and I have enjoyed using it to greatly improve wave file quality before transfering the files onto CD.

Ken Hamilton
Mar 2004
Thank you. Learning to use Wave Corrector has not been difficult-rather it has been an exciting pleasure. My large vinyl LP collection sounds soooo good.

Phil Burgman
Nov 2003
Just to say that Wave Corrector never ceases to amaze me.Some of the wife's albums look as if they have been used as dinner table place mats. The last one had a scratch from inner to outer and Wav Cor took 99.9% of them out in a single pass.

I don't know how you do it, but keep up the good work.

Mad Max
Oct 2003
10 Thumbs up, by far the best record recovery tool known to man. I have over 3000 LP's. IT's nice to know there all gonna sound like a $1,ooo,ooo. This program rocks!!!

Timothy Handle
Oct 2003
Thank you much for this fantastic program. I'm studying music and so many of the great recordings are on LP, and LPs don't work very well in a car. This program cleans up the music without it becoming "Digitized" sounding. I espeacially love the 78 convertor function.

Douglas Kleinhans
Mar 2003
This is absolutely the finest software I have tried for cleaning up recordings. I have told several people about it and hope that it will lead to additional sales. Thank you very much for creating it. I have spent more than I like to think about on lesser packages.

Steve Broadbent
Dec 2002
A month or so ago I purchased Wave Corrector from you, and have been using it enthusiastically ever since. I have been recommending it to all my friends, as I think it’s head and shoulders above all the others I tried.

Ray Sizemore
Aug 2002
Hi, I usually don't write people to compliment them on a product unless it is extra nice. I hate using just about any windows based program because of glitches and having to restart the computer. I have used Wave Corrector extensively since I purchased it and I have found zero glitches. It works flawlessly.

Dave Hodgkinson
Jul 2002
I thought the software was superb as I have tried it on various pieces of music and was amazed! Well done on producing a superb piece of software

Mansel Crowell
Jul 2002
I am very pleased with way Wave Corrector has enabled me to start a NEW hobby. I am rescuing music from old LP's and badly recorded cassetes. Keep up the good work. I just love this program.

George Haysler
Jul 2002
I am very happy with Wave Corrector. It is simple and easy to use. I've tried other programs but they just had too many options. You seem to have just the right balance.

John Webster
Jul 2002
Wave Corrector is an excellent program. How would I have done without it?

Frank Parsons
Jul 2002
Keep up the good work. 'Wave Corrector' is the most used and most successful program in my toolbox.

Mitch Ervin
Jul 2002
hank you so much gentlemen...your program is absolutely tremendous! It's a pleasure to use and has helped restore some really great and priceless music--it delivers a lot of performance and I was immediately blown away!

You guys have a super product and I'm sure it'll only get better!

Pierre Zaoui
May 2002
1000 merci! Wave corector est à ma connaissance le meilleur .et pourtant j ai essayé six ou sept programmes de ce type. (

Thomas L. Cason
Mar 2002
I had to drop a line and tell you how wonderful Wave Corrector is in working with music files. I had tried probably a dozen or so computer programs to remove clicks and pops from music files. Some of them worked pretty good but I always noticed a "metallic" sound after processing the music file. Many of the programs would so alter the original music file that it actually sounded terrible after the processing. Most of the programs would not remove many of the "pops" or "clicks" from the original music (.wav) file. I have processed many, many music files taken from albums using the Wave Corrector and it is absolutely awesome! Wave corrector leaves the original music file in pristine condition yet removes all of the "pops" and "clicks". The really great thing about Wave Corrector is that in the unusual event that the software does not remove the "pop" or "click" from the file, it can be removed manually.

Marius Caron
Mar 2002
Congratulations. I have been using "Wave Corrector" for a while now and let me tell you it is a FANTASTIC little GEM. It works like a charm and has a super Charismatic Interface. BRAVO!

Rodney Jones
Feb 2002
When I started the exercise of burning my vinyl to CDR, I auditioned 4 different products claiming to remove typical audio noise from vinyl, but I have to say that none of them got close to the results Wave Corrector achieves (one of them made no discernible difference whatsoever!).

Paul McLean
Jan 2002
Your Wave Correction Program is really great. It absolutely does what you say it does. My congratulations to you!

Rod Duggan
Jan 2002
I have successfully reclaimed several older classical LPs with your excellent software and must say that both the results and the user interface are well thought out and a delight to use. Listening to a long discontinued recording by Sir Adrian Boult without clicks is extremely enjoyable.

Laurence Audley-Charles
Jan 2002
Thank you for an excellent product. I was looking for something that does the same job as Cool Edit 's click remover but faster. Cool Edit takes about 7-15 hours for a 45 minute album depending on the amount of crackle and then it doesn't remove large clicks - these have to be done by hand!

Barry Fitzpatrick
Dec 2001
I am delighted with my purchase of Wave Corrector. It is well designed and effective software, and the results I get continue to improve as I learn how to tackle different problems in my collection of vinyl LP's (even a few bakelite 78's !) reel-reel tapes and cassettes.

Greg Endsley
Nov 2001
I have been using WC over the past year or so with great results--it's an excellent product and I have recommended it to several friends.

David Meyer
Nov 2001
Thank you for your continued work and upgrades to Wave Corrector. It is a critical piece of my audio restoration project involving 38,000 recordings in my library.

Warren Gibbs
Sep 2001
First of all, may I say what a wonderful program it is! Whatever the quality of track I throw at it, it always manages to return something which amazes me!!

Les Nagy
Sep 2001
Good work. After comparing a few packages and then having it come down to Cool Edit Pro or yours, C after sound cleanup. As I don't care to play with audio to the extent Cool Edit can provide, Wave Corrector was the winner by virtue of value and ease of use.

Bill Shinnick
Sep 2001
I recently purchased Wave Cor 2.2 and am still learning the ropes. I chose it after testing other packages including Dart, Diamond Cut and Cool Edit because it seemed to 'mess less' with the signal than some of the others.

Phil Fuhrman
Aug 2001
I have been using Wave Corrector now as a registered user for several months. It is the best vinyl LP restoration tool available. The algorithms for fixing impulse defects is excellent. Its capability for finding even small defects is impressive.

Mal Groves
Aug 2001
Thanks for your great software. I have a very large collection of LP's which I am transferring to CD with the aid of Wave Corrector and am getting fabulous results.

Lawrence Perry
Jul 2001
Congratulations on Wave Corrector - it's totally brilliant. We have been using it now through several updates, with truly excellent results.

Wayne Fowler
Jun 2001
I have recently registered wave corrector and am very pleased with the outcome of your efforts. i found the resulting wave files to be very pristine with virtually no distortion

Larry Wolf
May 2001
It was a wise move for me to buy wave corrector. It sure makes my life a lot easier to record and correct from LPs especially after you added the record feature. Great job keep it up.

John Banister
Apr 2001
First I'd like to thank you for creating Wave Corrector. It's the best product I've used for taking clicks out of vinyl…. Overall, I am delighted to be able to use Wave Corrector. After using other products to try and accomplish the same goals, I find yours to be faster, less expensive, and more functional all at the same time. Thanks again for writing it.

Rick Siller
Apr 2001
I want you folks to know that I think you software product is fantastic! I tried out many such programs via shareware and found yours to offer the most for the money.

Duncan Underhay
Feb 2001
I registered wave corrector a few weeks ago, and it has surpassed my expectations. I have found the program logical to use, and extremely effective at improving the quality of my recordings. I particularly appreciate the manual which I was able to download from your site.

Lhupa, Yatzek Electros Technologies
Feb 2001
We are very satisfied of your "Wave Corrector" analogic sound source corrector software. We offer to our customers the "All On CD" Service for transfer any kind of media support. The most requested service is the vinyl transfer or tapes to CD's. Many vintage record collectors call us to "rejuvenate" their valuable record collections. Since we 're installed your software, our critical job begun easy and better than at our beginnings. Now, we can offer to our customers, recordings neerly pristine! Congratulations! The Ganymede Team, for your masterpiece!

Mic Johnston
Jan 2001
Recently, I tried the new version of Wave Corrector that has all the necessary features for vinyl or tape/digital conversion. It's perfect(or nearly perfect)! It does a great job of eliminating clicks and hiss and even at high levels of correction I have not yet run into any distortion. And the ability to work with each click is something that the others don't provide. Also key are the auditioning functions. I love this program. Using the other programs I always had to completely audition the recording to make sure everything was right. Wave Corrector does such a great job I am getting lazy and reducing the amount of auditioning I do. Although someday I will probably get surprised. Thanks for the great product.

Mike McCulley
Jan 2001
I recently purchased Wave Corrector and I love it!!! It is the best $45 I have ever spent on a piece of software. The best algorithms for removing clicks and pops that I have ever heard.

Donald Jardine
Dec 2000
An excellent program!!! It really does a magnificent job of cleaning up sound files. My application is a retirement project of transcribing a classical LP collection to CD.

Jack Holmes
Dec 2000
I purchased Wave Corrector about a month ago have been using it extensively for about three weeks. It really is pretty amazing.

Andy Boyce
Apr 2000
I am currently evaluating three pieces of audio software in order to convert my vinyl collection to CD. So far, yours comes out on top for a badly scratched record.

Richard Duranleau
Apr 2000
Bravo! I have tried Wave Corrector, and at this time, it is the best click and pop remover for my vinyl LP collection, it is a great value.

Michel Dreyfus
Apr 2000
If I bought Wave Corrector it is mainly because I am convinced that this is a powerful tool to remasterize ancient records. I never got such good results in declicking with other programs.

David Hough
Mar 2000
I'd like to say how impressed I am with Wave Corrector's abilities to remove clicks without damaging the original sound.

Nancy De Baptista
Mar 2000
I recently purchased your wave corrector. It works beautifully and is my preferred choice to restore music with high-pitched percussion instruments, such as "maracas", "cencerros" y "guiro" widely used in tropical music. Other programs,such as "Algortihmix" and DART PRO take off lustre and blur those instruments.

David Haupt
Mar 2000
Let me congratulate you on a fine program. I've been using several of the shareware programs available for cleaning up WAV files recorded from my old vinyls, and while each has its strong points, Wave Corrector is in a class by itself when it comes to detecting and correcting clicks automatically.

Mike Neus
Jan 2000
I checked out your Wave Corrector demo night. I am quite impressed. I put it against Cool Edit Pro (the best declicker I have found to date) and it seemed to do as good of a job and is much simpler to set-up and use.