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Wave Corrector Tutorials

Note, if you are a new user of Wave Corrector, then please read the beginner's guide, Getting Started with Wave Corrector, before proceeding with these tutorials.

The tutorials describe the use of Wave Corrector to produce digital files from your old analogue recordings (Vinyl and Tape/Cassette). They are designed to guide you through the most useful of Wave Corrector's features. The tutorials are based on the features in the Professional Edition of Wave Corrector. However, users of the Standard Edition will also derive benefit from the tutorials as many of the features are common to both editions.

The last three of the tutorials require you to to download some short demonstration audio files. The files will enable you to practice the techniques described. Links to the files are shown below. The files have been saved in Monkeys Audio .ape format. This is a compressed format that will enable the files to download quicker than if they were uncompressed wave files. To save each file, right click on its link and select 'Save Target As...'

File 1. demo1.ape short vinyl recording
File 2. demo2.ape short cassette recording
File 3. demo2a.ape short vinyl recording with superimposed whistle
File 4. demo3.ape short recording of three tracks

Although the tutorials are entitled Vinyl to CD, Tape to CD, etc., many of the techniques described are applicable to more than one type of source recording. You are therefore advised to read through all the tutorials even if your projects are restricted to a single type of recording medium.

Wave Corrector Tutorials - Quick Links

Click one of these links to go straight to a tutorial:

Quick Start Guide

Vinyl to CD Part 1

Vinyl to CD Part 2

Tape to CD

Track Splitting


Vinyl to CD Part 1.

This tutorial explains how to configure your audio equipment with particular emphasis on the special requirements for digital re-mastering.

Vinyl to CD Part 2.


This tutorial describes the audio restoration of vinyl and the steps you can take to get optimum results


Cassette to CD.

This tutorial how to improve the sound quality of your audio cassette recordings via de-hiss and other audio filters.

Track Splitting and Editing.

This final tutorial explains how to split album files into individual tracks.

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November 2006

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